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Living at home.

Generally, it's not bad.. I like it, plenty of freedom and home cooked meals at a cheap rent = win.

However, every now and then things happen which make me want to explode...

Take today for instance, I wake up and turn on Le Computer and discover, to my surprise, no internet connection... infact, no connection to the machine in the roof which is the house firewall/router. Now, I know my dad was planning to put another machine up there at some point. So I climb up and have a look at the machine, it's working fine with regards to the outside world, but it can't see the internal network.

My mum takes this moment to inform me that my dad has said that our router is having problems, to which she get a terse 'the machine is fine.' reply. In the end I can't be arsed to fix it there and then and go back to my room to play games instead, I can live without the net.

Dad comes home, starts asking questions, I tell him the only thing which has changed is him adding that machine. He protests he didn't do anything and that it had been on the network before so can't be the problem. I roll my eyes and go back to my game saying I can't be bothered to fix the network now.

A hour or two later I figure I might as well, so I go and find out what he has done, firstly however I discover the router has been rebooted around 1pm or so (when I was asleep), which is mildly annoying as there was no reason to... I guess he was trying to fix the problem and thought it might be at fault (yeah, because the box which has been working fine is SOOOO going to disrupt the internal network when you add another machine...). I question him about what he has done, he just says he has added the machine, so I go and check the master hub into which he plugged the machine and off which the rest of the network hangs.


"I didn't touch a grey cable" he says.
I say something about 'well, they don't pop out on their own and it was working fine before' before going back into my room so that I don't end up having a go at him.

I REALLY wish he wouldn't piss around with the network, he doesn't know enuff and it's only a matter of time until he breaks it.

It's little things like this which make me look forward to moving out, where I can set my own shit up and know no one will touch it... also when my dad breaks the remaining network here I can just ignore the problem for a few days while he tries to 'fix it'.

I pray I never end up like him in the future... althought I don't plan on having any kids, which is one way not to be outsmarted by them [wink]
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Hur hur hur, yeah, having exclusive access to all your hardware is just... awesomeness.

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