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Quiet time. :(

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Foreseen Silence

Tomorrow is my last day here at home before I move out for my first year of University, so it'll likely be a little while before I get active again. Move-in is Friday, followed by RCC (residence computer consultant) training on Saturday, followed by Sunday+Monday where everyone else moves in and we bust our asses off helping the lamers who can't figure out how to connect to the internet, followed by a week of funfun frosh orientation goodness, followed by some time to settle into my classes. It's going to be amazing.

In short: see you guys later! [smile]

8 Planets in Our Solar System

Pluto was fired.
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hugs and kisses, see you sometime next week


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Guest Anonymous Poster


Have fun at the university!

Try to find the group that does all the LAN games :D
"Study... Counter-strike! Homework... Warcraft 3! Paper... well, maybe I should do that... BattleField 2!" *


*Not suggested >.>

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Make your own LAN game. Snakes on a LAN!

"I'm tired of all these beeping snakes on this beeping plane!"

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