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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Sorry for my absence as of late, I've been busy with school work and whatnot, so I haven't had much time to site down and write an entry. As a matter of fact, I don't really have any time right now either, so this one is going to be short (although it has plenty of screens...)

Napalm ("Incinergel") is one of the new weapons I coded up today. It pretty much acts like a bomb, tumbling down towards the earth, but unlike a bomb which explodes, the Napalm blows flame in the direction it was heading, which hurts any object caught in the flames. It's pretty cool, and they're pretty fun to use. You can see the Napalm in semi-action in the screens below...

Tumbling Napalm Canister

The Ensuing Flames

Scatterpacks are just rocket pods that fire many small, innaccurate rockets at one time, resulting in a wide area effect that can either be etrememly devestating(you get all the rockets to hit one area), or, incredibly useless( if every rocket misses a target). Anyways, I took a screeny of the scatterpack in action today...

Firing The Pack

An example aftermath (see how most of the rockets hit that one area, although a few will end up hitting the other units too...)

Dumb Bombs
These are pretty dull, but much better than the other bombs IMO. These bombs lack the parachute that the other bombs have, so it's easier to kill yourself by dropping the bombs too low and getting caught in the blast wave, but you can drop them quicker, and they fall parabolically, which makes aiming without the indeicator much easier.

Enemy Planes
I've got enemy planes working, as you can see in the screeny below, and I'd love to talk in depth about their AI and internal workings, but I have to go soon, so I'll have to cut it short and leave you guys with this screen of me about to grill an enemy aircraft (a Yak-141 to be exact) with a scatterpack....

Well, thats all I've got for now, I'll try and keep you guys updated more often, but no promises, school sucks[grin] Peace Out!
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holy shit -- enemy PLANES?!

omfg sapo, you'd better implement sidewinders. I have a hard enough time hitting stationary ground targets ;_;

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Yeah, but what happens when the enemy planes can fire the Sidewinders too.....[grin]

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good work, but I do agree with mushu. Sidewinders would be extremely useful. And if enemies can fire them, so be it, it would simply make the game a bit more accurate (and perhaps add an extra layer of strategy to it)

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Damn, you have way less free time than I have but still you manage to get lots of stuff done...argh! :-D

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Original post by Gaheris
Damn, you have way less free time than I have but still you manage to get lots of stuff done...argh! :-D

That's probably why he gets more done lol. Less time usually means more productivity.

Looking good Sapo!

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