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David Lynch *

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I know who killed Laura Palmer!
(do you?)

I've successfully installed Vista 5536 (pre-RC1) and the latest August DirectX SDK works just fine. This'll probably be my new dev-box for the next month or so...

Thanks to some advice from Dustin (aka 'circlesoft') I picked up a KVM switch today. Should mean I can stop crawling around under my desk rewiring my PC each time I wanna swap boxes [grin]

I decided to try out the UAC/LUA stuff in Vista this time around. I created a proper admin account and then a secondary personal account with "standard" access. They're making a big thing about how you shouldn't have to use Admin-level access in Vista like you do under XP. Less access to sensitive parts combined with better security in theory means that evil malware/spyware/virii can't do so much damage.

Nice idea, but it doesn't work smoothly. I spent several minutes wondering why I could no longer compile my old D3D10 code under the new SDK. Turns out that VStudio didn't have permission to modify the intermediary files during compilation. Thank you Vista - you removed access from MY damned files! Couldn't even get explorer to delete them and had to log-out and log back in as administrator to delete them (after confirming what I wanted to do several times with UAC pop-ups).

On the plus side the new RC1 build seems to be further polished over the B2 builds. Mostly little graphical/design things but all put together it seems to be getting there.

I was hoping to upload some useful code for D3D10 today, but I've been a bit too busy. Guess it'll have to wait. Until superpig gets his render-to-video harness sorted I've mocked up some changes to the DXUT template so it'll stream frames out to disk to then be written to a movie. Bit of a hack but it does the job.
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In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have watched Fire Walk With Me before series one of Twin Peaks. Still waiting for series 2 on DVD...

Looking forwards to seeing what magic you can weave with D3D10! [grin]

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Original post by benryves
In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have watched Fire Walk With Me before series one of Twin Peaks. Still waiting for series 2 on DVD...
[lol] Yeah, that probably ruins it a bit!

I watched all of series 1 then Fire Walk With Me and am also waiting for Series 2. Rumour has it there might be a release late '06 or early '07 [grin]


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I'm glad I waited. I wouldn't have been able to install 5536 until today, anyway, and now I see that RC1 is out. Pity I didn't notice yesterday, because even though it's downloading at 90K/s, the download will only be finished tomorrow, and Sunday is a work day. Which probably means I'll spend a sleepless night during the week to install it.

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