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Day Suckage Pt II and Journal Templates

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Today sucked ass again, some scrote put my window on my car through last night - yes after they trashed it last week. Seems like they came back to finish it, or that it was just some junkie living in this crack den of a neigbourhood. Words of advice to anyone thinking of moving to the North of England - STAY THE HELL OUT OF LEEDS... It sucks.

Worked on Manta-X a bit today. I've added collision box support to the game. I normally build this box functionality straight into the GameObject base, but this time NO! - I've jammed the code in a separate interface class which is inherited by anything that needs it. This allows stuff such as waypoints to have their own collision boxes (and spheres when I add that support).

I'm liking this funky journal template nonsense, obviously not as much as SiCrane did [wink] (I feel sorry for the lonely left out bird though), but it's fun all the same.
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