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ok so I made a test build to share I guess. You can get teh zip file hier. There are some RTII issues in the VFS right now, so I couldn't get it to work in release mode yet. Hopefully those will be solved soon, but for now enjoy debug pants.

In any case - this is a more clear demonstration of the different enemy behaviors, which are poorly demonstrated with pictures. Oh fuck, and I forgot to fix the player ship collision detection (wanted to reduce the collision radius) but since you have infinite health, it shouldn't matter.

Does it run at all? How does the control over the ship feel? You should be able to just use the mouse, or, alternatively WASDE. I think.

I guess I'm just looking for general impressions, as this is, essentially, the core gameplay mechanic. All the other stuff (eyecandy, more weaponry, levels, etc) are just added fluff around this.

So - what do you think?

EDIT: If you get a bunch of texture loading errors from that build, try using this one instead. The previous version attempts to allocate a 1024x1024x2 texture, which isn't very widely supported. This new one uses a 512x512x8 block, which should be more sane. Harrr.
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Maybe (in fact, quite possibly) its because I'm pretty drunk, but the controls don't seem to work very well for me. I honestly dont know if this is what you were going for or not (but if it is, to me it is very unintuitive), but heres what happens when I play Hiatus/Haitus (which one is it, anyway?): When I move the mouse, if it is to the left of the ship, the ship moves left (and similarly, if the mouse is to the right, it moves right). Forever. It doesnt stop when it gets to the position of the mouse, or anything like that. It just keeps moving in the same direction, until I move the mouse again. And if I don't touch the mouse, the ship will move all the way to the left of the screen and just sits there. WASDE seems to work sporadically (or, more appropriately, ADE as W and S do nothing, for me at least), which is to say that at times they work ok, where as at other times they do nothing at all. I really like the idea of mouse movement, I just think the ship should center itself on the mouse position, instead of moving left/right based on the postion of the mouse whenever it was last moved. As it is now, I can't get the ship to ever stand still, it is always moving either left or right. Other than that, the game runs fine. Enemy behavior looks good, as well.

I apologize if my post is somewhat incoherent.

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Awesome, thanks for the input.

I just think the ship should center itself on the mouse position

That's the way I originally wanted it to work, but the way my input system works is to update only on an event (like a mouse move). If the mouse doesn't move there is no event, so the ship keeps turning.

I'll go ahead and code up stuff to make it a little more graceful so it stops when it reaches the mouse position. Thanks again for the input about the input XD

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