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RavuyaTel: Your business, our eating of pie.

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I've been working on the Propane Injector site today, which involves writing actual documentation and working with Doxygen. Take a look at the totally sweet docs, and be sure to let me know if I forgot to mention your PI-powered game in the "games using propane injector" section.

I'll probably start adding some HOWTOs after Glow is released, and then start working on PI 1.0 which should completely change the API into a namespaced motherloving son of a gun.

Speaking of Glow, I've been working on polishing up a few rough edges in the code, and I think I'm making it more robust by the minute. The New Game+ option (unlocked when you beat the game the first time) is working 100%, and so is the Survival mode. Regression testing of Afteroids seems to be OK.

Now just to sit down, write up the plot, and then put it into a map. I'm hoping to be finished real soon, but I want to take my time and make it totally awesome. You understand, right, Internet?

Link of the Moment: C64 USB Keyboard
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