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"I can see", said the blind man.

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I finally got my optical prescription filled, and according to the guy who made the lens I have a very mild stigmatism. So I got the glasses back yesterday, and to be honest I don't ever remember seeing things this clearly. Tree's before looked like a shape with multiple colours, but with the glasses each individual leaf is defined. It's pretty weird. I can even read without stopping to make out words, which has always been a problem with me. I thought I was just retarded.

This is my last day here at the company for the summer school student position, and tonight I'm making a 5 hour trip up to Ottawa to get settled in to the new place. I came in this morning and I got a whole bunch of cards wishing me good luck at University. I get a feeling I'll do better this year now that I'll actually be able to see the board this time. Anyway, they also got me a small Bamboo plant with three stalks meaning "happiness", which I thought was great. How did they know that my favourite animal is a Panda? Voodoo I tell you.

Hollow Halls is coming along, even though I have been taking breaks I found out how to weed out unwanted events by sifting through the docs. It also passes a message structure telling me if the button is up down or down repeated, which is good because I don't have to keep track of the state. So what I need to do is finish the Draw class, which uses the Physics, Quad, and XMLResource classses. It will allow me to build a sprite list and to create new copy sprites defined in the resource on the fly. What I also have to do is look more deeply in to Flatland callbacks, just for collision detection. Since it returns which Flatland::Object* the collision came in contact with, I'm going to take a nasty approach to avoid looping to check which object is where. Right now I use a vector to store the objects, because flatland needs a container and I need to get an object based on position. However since the callback deals with colliding Objects and not positional data, I'm going to have to create a class that inherits Object and tacks an ID on it. Nasty yes, but the alternative is looping through the vector.
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I was momentarily struck dumb when wearing glasses for the first time and marvelling at how goddamn sharp everything was.

And now it's back to normal, I think. Damn Alberta optical health funding.

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