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Well, school, so far, doesn't seem to be that bad this semester. I don't have many incredibly challenging courses and most of the classes I'm pretty interested in.

I brought Part 3 of the story to an end last night and I jumped away from the story to attempt some design work for the game. I figured one of the most essential things that I needed to get on was the UI. There are a lot of things that can tear someone away from playing a game, and while Music plays a huge role, people can just turn it off and fire up an MP3 player. The User Interface is a whole different ballgame. There is no turning that off and how well it actually 'provides' for the user, instead of hindering or just wasting space is key.

So, I did some concept work on how I really would like the UI to look and I finished the HP/MANA/STAMINA/EXP indicator 'window'. These will all be grouped together into a nice little rectangle-like element up on your upper lefthand side of the screen.

I also thought that since I was halfway done with the story, it was about time to finalize the story name, which, in turn will most likely become the game title (of course).

So, consider it concept art, but, imo it looks good enough to be final.

Anyway, off to class.

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Lets take a minute to examine this.

"The Lost Spheres".
    Main Entry:   sphere 

Part of Speech: noun 1
Definition: globe
Synonyms: apple*, ball, circle, earth, globe,
globule, orb, pellet, pill, planet,
rondure, round, spaceship Earth

Which leads me to my conclusion:

"The Lost Balls".


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Original post by Mushu
"The Lost Balls".

Dry humor gets you nowhere in my journal. Off with his head!


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