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Learn by doing...

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I've decided that tomorrow I'm going to finally reinstall WinXP x64 because I want to do a little project; I will be remaking Atom [grin]

For those who don't know Atom(s?) is a little game, kinda like reversi where the idea is to make it so only your atoms are left on the board at the end of the game. This is done by exploding cells and converting the cells next to your to your colour (and exploding them if they go over the limit and so on).

The reason for this is I want to play a bit with XNA and use some C# for game programming. I figure it would be a nice game to have on my phone (which supports C# and .Net2.0)and, maybe, in the coming months even the XB360, throw 4 (or more via network) people at it in a party setting and I figure you've got an amusing little game... add some eye candy and it'll rock [grin]

Firstly however I'm gonna start simple, get the game logic down with C# and worry about the gfx afterwards, as I often get stuck on gfx and stuff and not progress on game play, then make a PC version (networked) before worrying about phones (networked phone game maybe?) and XB360 versions (on account of lacking one....). PC Version will use both mouse and the 360 joypad if only to make later porting easier [smile]

Sounds like a plan, so tomorrow I need to get my dev system up and running, it's not like I had anything else todo this weekend anyways...
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