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Okay, so I just watched the XNA component demo. And I have to say - holy shit. And to paraphrase my response to it -

There needs to be an XNA component library where users can upload their components, which are then moderated and sorted into a bunch of pre-defined categories, after which they're rated by the users in terms of usability and coolness or something.

Seriously. I was appalled to not find something like this on the XNA homepage where I can just go and grab some pre-made components (and not the silly sample ones) slap them together and have a game.

It wouldn't be hard - in today's gaming world any game is just a conglomeration of concepts from games before it. Need a FPS? Throw a map object with a fps camera object, some weapons with cool models and stuff together, with a custom ruleset (also pre-programmed) and BOOM. Maybe add in a HDR control, and a gunblade weapon too.


But FUCK. I can't make my drag-and-drop MMORPG unless I have a place to download the components for it. Seriously.


(oh, and can I get credit for the initial component-library-site idea when you make it? :3)


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