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She is pretty decent and fast enough to handle the little XNA things I am making at the moment.

Intel Pentium M 1.8GHz
Intel 915GM Graphics Chip which has pleasantly surprised me (least I am not restricted to the ref rast) [lol]

Plus the XBox 360 pad is just too awesome [smile]

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It would be extra awesome if I could figure out how to get a 360 pad to do wireless with my PC.

And also if I had a graphics card that was compatible with XNA. I didn't want to do 3d stuff anyway! So there!

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Deyja: There is a $20 wireless adaptor for PC's that comes out in December that lets you use all of the Xbox360 wireless devices. I'm getting it for sure because I don't have a wired Xbox360 remote, and don't plan on getting one.

It would be cool as hell if I could find one around for <$20 but I doubt I can...

For now, I'll just stick with PC stuff.

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