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Noisy Pictures

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Well now that I can draw a pretty terrain I thought I should see about looking into how those rendering programs get those nice landscapes generated and lovely textures.

Whilst trying to get a marbly texture I managed to get the following image to appear using the following code:

bool DXTerrain::GenerateTexture(void)
int TexWidth = m_VertsPerRow;
int TexDepth = m_VertsPerCol;

SurfaceDescription sfcd = m_texture->GetLevelDescription(0);
if ( sfcd.Format != Format::X8R8G8B8 ) return false;
int* ImageData = (int*)m_texture->LockRectangle(0,LockFlags::None)->InternalData.ToPointer();
int m_rangeHeight = (int)(m_maxHeight / 5.0f);
Int32 m_Ranges __gc[] = new Int32[5];
for (int i=0; i < 5; i++)
m_Ranges = m_minHeight + (m_rangeHeight * i);
Random* r = new Random();
int rndR = r->Next(0,1000);
float t;
int f;
for (int i = 0; i < TexDepth; i++)
for (int j = 0; j < TexWidth; j++)
int c;
int index = (j * m_VertsPerCol + i);
float height = (m_heights[index]);

// Currugated Iron
t = (float)Math::Cos(i + m_noise->Perlin3D(j+rndR * 0.625f, i+rndR *0.625f, height+rndR * 0.625f));

// Weird Lattice Effect
//t = (float)Math::Cos(i + m_noise->Perlin3D(j+rndR * 0.625f, i+rndR *0.625f, height+rndR * 0.625f));

if(t<0) t = -t;
if(t>1) t = 1.0f;
int f = (int)(t * 255.0f);
c = Color::FromArgb(f,f,f).ToArgb();
ImageData[index] = c;
//m_texture->AutoGenerateFilterType = TextureFilter::Anisotropic;
return true;

The output looks like this:

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