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Nvidia bug?

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Mike Bossy


Well not surpisingly it seems gettting my demo out to the public has found a bug. It seems on some Nvidia cards my options menus are getting messed up. The one texture is getting messed up while being loaded. I haven't done any crazy compat testing on the game but it's just weird that this is happening only with one texture and I can't quite figure out why.

If you have the chance to try out my demo to see if you get the same behavior you can get it from the intel site at:


The game is Tiki Lounge Blackjack and I'd love to here if you have a similar problem on your machine and what video card you're using. The repro steps are:

1. Launch the game
2. From the main menu select options, credits or scores.


You'll see a screen with obvious texture problems.
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Sure enough, I'm getting the bug.

This is running on my XPS laptop, NVIDIA 6800 GO. Really fun game BTW. Great work!

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Nice demo! Tiki Blackjack is a sweet little game.

I didn't have a problem with those screens, but I have an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro rather than an nVidia card.

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I'm getting the problem as well.

256mb nVidia GeForce 6800 GTO (Dell OEM version).

I just installed the latest drivers (from like two days ago).

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