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Oh the Oxycodone!

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As the title says, I have some rather nice pills! I got my 2 bottom wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. They were impacted and it took about 2.5 hours just to get the bottom teeth. It was no fun. Hopefully my pill supply will remain strong enough until I shouldn't really feel any pain.

On a different note, school's proceeding nicely. Having a great time in Electronics where we have some cool labs (I think hooking anything up is pretty cool, though). We're not building much complicated yet, but the circuits are fun. This past week we made an LED light up on our breadboard when we covered a photoresistor. Yay!

Operating systems looks like it might actually be kind of cool. Aside from the rather dry lectures it seems that we'll get to do at least a few cool labs. For this coming week we're installing Virtual PC and our preference of Linux distro so that we can write a system call and recompile the kernel to get it to work. That's what the professor said at least.

Now, to take yet another completely different path, the XNA Studio looks freaking awesome. I watched the game components video that was posted in evolutional's journal yesterday, and OMG, pure awesomeness.

For those who haven't seen the XNA video yet, game components can be likened to form controls used in .NET, though on a more powerful scale I suppose.

As an example of what these types of things include, the demo video showed a model viewer, grid component (so you can verify easily that the camera is setup right), FPS counter, terrain component, a nice looking Menu component that just uses collections for the menu positions, and the video shows an example of writing a component that effects the model by rotating it about an axis and bobbing up and down as well.

XNA looks easier and more powerful than I could have ever imagined. This will not only be awesome for XBox360 code, but I think it will be a great way to work on Windows games too. If you haven't already seen it, check out the video. Go ahead and download C# Express and the studio whil you're at it and get to playing!
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