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Whooaaaa, I like GIMP. Its much better than MS Paint:

Yeah, I'm being minimalistic with the animation, especially when compared to other people's (commercial) stuff -

But do I look like an artist? NO! Am I going to sit here for hours and blot out 16 frames of animation? NO! I just want it to look good for a programmer, not good like I'm going to sell it as a commercial project. LOL.

I'm proud of myself at least :[

Current Build: I put in the new artwork, and fixed the bugs with the mouse handling. The player ship now reacts more intelligently to the mouse (and omg, slows down and stops where you stop!! thanks for the suggestion).

Next on the to-do list is background layers, clouds and shit. The trees there are just for a placeholder, the plan is to have a nice tilemap in the background, behind a couple layers of clouds. Everything scrolling at different rates of course (yay parallax!), and possibly a layer on top of everything else (not sure if I'm going to do that though).

Comments/Suggestions/Complaints are always welcome! :)
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"This application has failed to start because MSVCP71D.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

Eh, no, it wouldn't. What will, however:
-Don't compile as DLL, if you are.
-Distribute the MSVC redist.
-Don't compile in debug. Really, a debug distribution? Geezus. (Probably wouldn't fix it. It just wouldn't be able to find MSVCP71.dll instead)
-Me installing MSVC7.1 (No.)

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awesome. Id like if i could hold down mouse to perma-fire, only if it did not go agaisnt some ideal of the game ofcourse.

Nice work on the explosions, how did you make them? I think them really impressive - be as terse as you wish. :)

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Yeah, I'll include the CRT runtimes in the next package. I was testing on my friends' machines and theirs couldn't handle it either. You can generally get random DLLs from, but in their case their integrated graphics shits couldn't handle 3D textures, so ownt.

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Heh, Toxic Hippo said the same thing. I'll be sure to get around to switching from my current "clickspam" method to the hold-down one; there's another gameplay element I want to add which would prevent you from constantly holding it down, which I'll discuss later.

The explosions were drawn in GIMP with the 3x3 fuzzy paintbrush, then I modified the colorlevels to brighten them up (they were waaay to dark in the originals). I mean, I like them. There's just not enough frames of animation for my liking, and I'm not going to be unlazy enough to make more.

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I think it's perfect with just the 3 frames.

The mouse control is WAY better now, but the key controls still don't work right. Also, IMO space would be a lot better shoot button (instead of E.)

MSPaint > The Gimp[razz]

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I'm actually going to take the keyboard controls out entirely by default. They'll be re-enablable if you hack a config file (which is really easy with my loader) - just create a config.txt in the program directory and, say -


and it'll do the proper stuff to enable keyboard support. You can actually do similar things with the other games, but I didn't deem it important enough to tell (it isn't in the current Hiatus build, its generally the last thing I do. Its easier to change constants in the code :P)

But yeah. Hurrr.

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