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Setting Yourself Up

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Progress-wise I got a fair bit done today. Mostly just writing and commenting functions, but it's still work, and it's still progress. But it's also unsatisfactory. I need to rectify this whole lack-of-work thing. I'm finding myself only doing work when it's absolutely necessary. This is hardly ideal.

Project-wise, I'm working towards trying to develop a proper prototype, so that I can start testing my concepts. Prototyping is something I missed out seeing the major and essential benefits of, and I'm regretting not seeing it sooner. So my current focus is trying to get a very simple working game up and running. Seeing as I don't have many ways of testing it myself, for prototype testing I'll probably need some help, and I'll probably need to program in some multiplayer support. That'll be.. fun.

I'm going to try giving myself a rigid schedule. I'm going to start working from nine to five each day. For those unaware, I'm unemployed, and not currently getting an education. Actually, the limits of my academic education may astonish you. But that's a personal thing not really of any significance for this journal. But regardless, I really need the restrictions, the boundries, and the structure.

Oh well, work's out for today. I might doodle with my code a bit later, but I'm more or less done for today. Hopefully more progress tomorow, but we'll see.

Good day.

Oh, and, welcome to spring or autumn, depending on where you live.
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