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Title screen

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Well here's my title screen mock-up! Just like the previous mock-up I'm going to cut this up and make all the elements that are needed for it.

Edit: Changed to .jpg for filesize love!

Quite simple one this, just a back-drop on the screen and then four player join 'objects' that flash when a player can join and change to another image when you actually do join. Not sure if I'll make it a button like X/Y etc to join and start once you've got all the players but that's easy to change later.
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I am the filter master! I'm not very good with any art packages so what I tend to do is draw the rough shape with quite big brushes, add a few different colours in then pass it through tons of different filters to make it seem a bit more fluid :)

A favourite filter of mine is a fur one which draws little lines extending out of random points, when you blur this back in it creates a nice range of colours from even 2 or 3 base colours.

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