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So, in line with my plans...

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In a shocking move I have infact started to follow thru with my plans to make the game I mentioned in my previous post.

I'm finally back in WinXP x64 (god I've missed it, I'm sure it's faster than Win2K as well, responsiveness wise...) with a WinXP 32bit install frozen pending my obtaining a key for it [grin]

VS05 is installed, as is VC# and the XNA stuff, which I've been taking a look at and I think I get it. I've also been hitting my C# book very hard, due to knowing C++ I've found I can skim read alot of it which has helpped me progress thru it alot quicker than I was doing... Having picked up the basics its now on about C#2.0 stuff (generics and the like) which I'm kinda skimming as well.

Two problems remain;
1 - The fans in my case are starting to drive me insane, and not in a good way, to fix this problem I've ordered a new case which should be here wednesday.
2 - It seems I spend too much of my time with my brain idle, as reading this book and attempting to learn the concepts quickly is leaving me tired alot... although I'm hoping part of this is down to my fans getting to my brain and draining me... we'll see after wednesday.

Tonight I'm gonna hit the book a bit more and then I should probably start designing gameplay aspects. I've decided to drop the mouse and keyboard support for now in favour of a pure 360 controller system. I can always readd the others later but I figure for now it would simplify things a great deal [smile]

I feel good about how things are progressing as I'm making some progress at least [grin]
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As for the fans, I typically have music playing louder than the fans so I can't really hear them. Mine aren't blaringly loud, so its not that bad of a problem for me.

I guess if you wanted to work in dead quiet, you'd have a problem [grin]

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