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I've been ... thunderstruck! Or not.

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Man, the lightning is going bananas outside right now. It doesn't sound so much like the occasional bookcase falling over outside so much as it sounds like God has been rearranging heavenly furniture non-stop for the last hour or so.

I got paranoid, so I did a quick back-up burn. I should really get one of those surge-proof-ish power bars or something. Can anyone recommend a good one? Tell me what I need and what I don't and anything I should avoid and a respectable asking price? Just curious.

Weekends are lacking in time more and more, so I didn't do much yesterday. Today I got back to what I said I'd do; player animations. Already looking better. I'm going to try and get a few done every day, so I know they're going to be done eventually. Right now, I'm going to do one more, hit the weights (can't jog; it's raining!) and hit the sack.

Also gotta figure out what to put in these header dealies now ...
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