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Last post was weak

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This post is not Game Development related. If you are looking for some pearls of wisdom, I have none to offer.

I hate work, it's boring. No offence to the company that I am working for, they are all great people. The work is so dry and unintersting, and being the only programmer in a company of quantity surveyors and asset managers, I have no one to talk to about anything interesting.

Add to this the general idear that they seem to have about "wont take long" or "quick addition" to their applications, and you have a boring, frustrating workplace. Forgive me if I sound a bit out of place, but I do believe that if you add a certain number of "quick additions" togeather they will start to have an exponential effect on the time that it takes to add them.

I guess this is always the way when you work with people not familiar with the process. But to be able to design, then build without the push to "show me the changes you made last week" would be great. From my experience if I spend the first 33-50% of the time on design, I will almost always reach my goals for the remaining 50-60% ahead of schedule.

How is this possible when you are expected to "just do a prototype, and we will tell you the changes we want"? How do I even know what to put into the prototype? Why, when I do the prototype for them, do they then take it and make it available for eveyone to use, then complain about bugs, or mis-calculations? I wasn't even given the calculations to work from in the first place!! gaa!!

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Urgh, I've been there... down to the "just do a version and we'll tell you if it's right" nonsense. Being the sole developer of an application with a completely arbitrary delivery schedule is simply not fun. Add being grossly underpaid to all that and it just becomes miserable.

I ended up leaving, and it's one of the best moves I've ever made. They still haven't filled my old position.

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True, but the benefits are not bad in my case. I am very well paid, and I get to work from home.

Their needs are such that they will one day need an entire development section, and if I stay on, I would be the prime candidate to be the director of this section.

Guess it's more a matter of education.

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