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My world is nothing but pain

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Apoch's Recipe for Really Sore Abs and Delts
  • Some abs

  • Some delts

  • Preferably your own, and functioning on your own body

  • One river

  • Several miles of Olympic-level, upper Class IV rapids

  • A flimsy inflatable rubber boat

  • Assorted paddles and other such gear, to taste

  1. Place body into boat

  2. Place boat in river

  3. Travel down river

  4. Get crap beat out of you by turbulent water

  5. Beat water viciously with paddle until it stops threatening to eat you

Serves 1-6 (depending on capacity of boat). Best served on warm days. Effects guaranteed to last for at least a day or two.

Despite the fact that it's hard to sit up, that was the most fun I've had in a long time. It's a brutal workout and thoroughly exhausting, but well worth it. Halfway through the course the other boat in our group lost everybody and most of their paddles, so I gave mine up and got to ride the last bit of the river rodeo-style.

Next time I'd be in the market for something a little more intense; maybe full-scale Class V or at least a longer, denser course. Kayaking looks like a hell of a rush, but I'm a bit squeamish about the whole notion of getting flipped over and trapped with my head underwater, getting bashed in by a bunch of rocks. Either way, the most radical exercise I can handle for another day or two is going to be walking to the fridge.
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Pfft, wimp.[razz]

Seriously though, I love rafting and kuyaking, but I'm afraid to go outside since poison ivy seems to seek me out (I've had it 5 times in the last 2 months.)

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Hey, considering the most physical thing I usually do in the course of a given month is rafter pullups on my bunkbed, I was rather proud of myself [razz]

But yeah, I'm a lazy pasty-white fatass. I need to do this "exercise" stuff more often. Especially if it's as fun as watching your friends nearly get pitched out of a raft that thinks it's a ballistic missile.

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Rafting is too much fun.

I'm a bit hesitant about the kayaking though - I've spent some time on a kayak with my cousin who went to the US olympic trials (didn't make the final team though), and his advice was this: always wear a helmet, and stay away from the rapids unless you know what you're doing. So needless to say, i've only really done it on relatively calm water.

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