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Thanks all

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Mike Bossy


Thanks to everyone who helped me track down my Nvidia bug. The Intel people are willing to take bug fixes so I should have the new bits to them in time for Austin.

This has also opened my eyes to needing some kind of Nvidia cards for testing on. I had hoped that my renderer was simple enough to not have any card bugs but c'est la vie. At least this bug was found and I now have a reason to go out and buy an Nvidia card. :)

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To be honest, I've wondered how small indies could possibly test for this kind of thing. I'm sure there's labs out there which will test your program on every possible hardware configuration under the sun, but I'm also sure they'd be too expensive for garage game development.

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It's totally impossible for anyone to handle all cards. Even major publishers hit the top 10-20 cards and that's it. But the reality is that while every card is different the major problems come in comparing any ATI card and any Nvidia card. So if you have at least one of each and work on them then the other differences are probably minor. That's where you need a publisher to help out testing things on a wider range of cards.

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