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Sprites working

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After some frustrating hours debugging the texture manager, which I thought was working, the 2D engine can now load the multiple sprite files, work out where to put them reasonabley efficiently on a single texture and fills a std::vector with float rectangles describing their texture co-ordinates.

So its getting closer to the point where I am going to have to stop developing a library and actually get on and write some kind of game. I'm a bit concerned about distribution since I am struggling to understand exactly how to ship the files you need to run it legally. I've figured out how to use dumpbin or whatever it is called to get the dependancies but I worry that because I am using the August 2006 DX SDK, I'm going to have to ship anything with a DirectX installer as well. Cross that bridge when I come to it.

On a lighter note, abstractimmersion PM'd me yesterday following his suspension from that thread. He was complaining that I had "told on him", if you can believe that, presumabley because I posted in the thread expressing my suprise that he had not recieved a warning. I didn't even know suspended members could use the PM. Apparenly loads of high-rated members have PM'd him since saying they thought what he had to say was "relevant". Looks like I have a new friend o_O.

I've explained that I didn't report his posts and asked him not to PM me about it in future. Hopefully that will be an end to it.
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