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Hello World

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/me waves

I've been lurking on this site for quite a while more on the journal part of it, i've found it inspirational (sounds cheesy I know) from seeing what other people have been able to achieve. Which is one of the reasons i've signed up but also to have my own little bit on the interweb where I can ramble.

So the things on my mind at the moment..I'm pretty sure I got a speeding ticket or a red light ticket. The limit was 40 and the lights changed to amber so I put my foot down a bit and was greeted by two flashes in my rearview mirror. It happened on the Nottingham ringroad (UK), so in 14 days I should be getting a fun letter through the post :(.
Does anyone know of anyway of avoiding the 3 penalty points, I don't mind paying the fine but points suck big time. The car is in my uncles name and i think the camera took pictures from behind so can i say i don't know who was driving to avoid the points?

Moving on, I've decided to apply to university (manchester) this year for computer science. Originaly i was going to apply next year after saving some money but seeing as i'm 21 already that would have meant i would be 26 by the time i finished the degree when most people would be 23 so i'm gonna keep my job on a part time basis hopefully and that should be enough to pay for accomodation at least. For other expenses i'm considering doing 'short term loans' of my body, anyone interested?

Almost forgot, I very nearly ran some guy over. It was totally not my fault, the traffic on the other side of the road was stationary and he walked out with out looking to the side I was coming from. I slammed my brakes on, didn't have enough room to swerve and hit his shopping bags and missed him by millimetres. So I shouted a few choice words and went on my merry way. The end.

I know my writing style isn't as entertaining as some of the journals i read here, but i promise i'll keep at it.
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You + cars = [depressed][depressed].... [grin]

Anyway....Welcome to Journal land! here be some + to keep you off the roads [smile]

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Thanks for the welcome.
I think i was just having a bad car day, hopefully it's a one off.

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