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So I'm thinking of getting a GP2X.

I've occasionally heard about this system in the past, but have now taken the time to actually read about it. It looks like something I would like, and futhermore I can program for it easily.

If I were to get one, I would create a GP2X port of "Stompy's Revenge". I know if I were to develop for the GP2X, my possible audience wouldn't be massive. However, the fact that people would actually be able to play my games using controls that are designed for games is enough for me.

So do any of you own a GP2X? If so, is it worth a purchase?
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If using familiar controls is so important, I'd say that it would be easier to add joystick support to Stompy's Revenge so I can use my gamepad.

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Well, that is a good point. I don't have a PC control myself, but I could probably get one and make Stompy's Revenge compatible with it. However, that isn't the only reason I would like to work with the GP2X (although it is a big one).

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Original post by envy3d
Make Stompy's Revenge with XNA so I can use my 360 controller ^_^

It doesn't have to be made with XNA to be compatible with the 360 controller...

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It's a nice machine, but the GP2X community appears more interested in telling the few developers to work on more emulators and ports than encouraging original games.

As long as you're going into it with the expectation that you'll be nearly completely ignored, you should be fine.

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never heard of this GP2X, what exactly is it.... nm just looked it up on wikipedia..


don't have one, but i guess it'd be nice, always thought of porting my games to the GBA or the DS


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Yeah, I suppose it wouldn't be really worth it for developing games. Like ArchWizard pointed out, I could just make my games compatible with the XBox 360 controller.

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It's a nice bit of hardware, i've got one sitting on my desk... however life got in the way of me playing with it.. damned life! *shakes fists*

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