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C++ Project, ow, OpenGL, Quake, OpenGL

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Havn't done really all that much coding. Am working on the C++ Project 1 set up in the forums but am not really having much difficulty so far. Must do some today though...

Well I mannaged to smack my foot off a slab or concrete, while attempting to play football landing me with a visit to A&E. What a stupid thing to do.

Am thinking of getting another OpenGL book, probably the Advanced OpenGL book. It looks pretty good and has had positive ratings so I think I might get that book and just plough my way through it.

Arn't the old games always the best? I bought Quake IV not that long ago, but my poor little nVidea GForce 4 just can't keep up. It came with two expansion packs for Quake II though so am playing those. Excellent game that one...

Still struggling with importing models into OpenGL. I might get a book on that as well I suppose, that might be an idea. I know that books can't give you everything, but it's my best chance of learning at the moment.

Ah well off to look through the forums to see if I can help anyone or learn anything. This site really is great, lots of tallanted guys in here... [smile]
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