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I am almost at exhaustion point. Since exams last semester, I have been running around crazily trying to learn everything for this semester. That includes studying MCSE, Toshiba Procare Training, IBM product training, Custom SBS 2003 Installation Scripts (eg. Exchange Scripting, as the rest is simple), SQL, Java, ERD's, Network Management (from a hopelessly outdated text), etc. The last four being specifically for Uni.

If that weren't bad enough I've started looking for a new job, in the Public Sector... It sure would be good to not be expected to work my ass off for minimal pay for once. Let's hope I can get into a job there within the next month or two and then half of my Todo list disappears.

That way I can use that spare time to get my ass back into gear on Empyrean Gate.
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It's pushing it, but it doesn't matter. I still need a demo. So either way I intend to make one.

Whether we scale back on the 4E5 elements back to a more BG style game is really the question we need to ask.

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Right, the question isn't whether we want to make EG (we do) but whether we can make it in time for 4E5. I'd like to have it done in time, but I seriously doubt that's possible due to our schedules. For example, I should be doing math and physics homework right now :P

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