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Hello, Internet. This is a rare sectionalized entry (don't make this intellectual, the way I feel is sectional).

Harder, Faster, Stronger, Better (Software)
I've been working on the Propane Injector page. Right now, I only have HOWTOs for Mac OS X, but I'm going to post some later for VS2005 and Dev-C++ for Windows.

In any regard, the newer, more professional page is attracting people to use the library -- I'm getting some downloads and reading of the documentation.

I'm still planning to overhaul the whole thing and namespace it, so we have some consistent nomenclature for the methods soon.

Also in webdev, I've been working on the BallOfDoom software for a friend, and am writing the blogging software in Python (since there's no way I'm going to hack up WordPress to get a GDNet Journals-style thing going on).

Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is a train
Glow is going well. Really well. It's getting nice comments from the intarwebs, which is something completely new to me. Is it possible that this game might actually be good, unlike my previous quadrillion rush-jobs?

I've been spending time tuning the survival mode, squashing little state-change bugs, and cleaning up the game code, while also making horrendously difficult maps for you. The first and second levels are done, except for plot -- it shouldn't be much longer now. Expect a final beta by the end of the week!

What's Next?
I fear sometimes that I will become the Ed Wood of videogames, but I want to try and make a space trading RPG with hilarious Cold War overtones.

Oh, Space Lenin -- you so crazy.

Link of the Day: Zeitgeist, a tool to mine neologisms from Wikipedia.
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