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I finally gave in.

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Mike Bossy


In a rare gamer post I've finally given in and purchased a handheld. I opted for the DS lite since really there was no comparison. The PSP looks sexy but that's about it. It has no games that I wanted to play and it's Sony. You can't like Sony. So far the only game I've got is the Brain Age cart that Nintendo gave away at last year's GDC but I'm going in search of Advanced Wars this afternoon.

I have to say that this is a slick little device. And the hand writting recognition is amazingly good considering how awful my writing is. I don't like the idea of having another device to plug in at the end of the day but it's better than dealing with batteries.

Any suggestions for standout DS games to buy are appreciated. I hate to admit I'm pretty much out of the loop on the Nintendo scene these days.
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Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time is a pretty good action RPG. It's really more reflex-based and not too hard, but it's still a good game.

That's just my two cents.

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Puzzle game: Meteos
Racing game: Mario Kart
Platformer: New Super Mario
Best updated classic: Castlevania
Best never ending game: Animal Crossing DS

Game you must buy #1: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Game you must buy #2: Trauma Center: Under the Knife

Title to most look forward to: Final Fantasy III

All just my opinion of course :-) hope it helps

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Seconded for Mario Kart and New Super Mario Bros.

I've been getting an enormous amount of replay value out of Meteos, even though it frustrates the hell out of me. I wouldn't recommend Super Mario 64 DS, I found the controls to be really nasty.

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I don't have the DS, but I've heard a lot about Trauma Center... If you can find it, I would suggest getting it :)

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