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I spent most of the weekend either cleaning the house or being a lazy layabout, so not much new game progress to report. I do have enough Bulldozer music to finish that project, so I might take care of that soon.

One thing I never much liked about my games' usability is how the panel at the end obscured the game. ConFusebox for example -- the moment you finish the game, it pops up a panel asking for your name. After you enter your name, you get the panel with the buttons for the remaining games. You don't, however, really get to enjoy your handiwork. The completed puzzle is obscured for the rest of the session.

I wrestled with this a bit. Some games, like Shi Sen, really don't have any handiwork to admire --after all, you win the game by removing every single tile. This game would have no problem with obscuring the whole thing after you win. Some games, though, really would benefit from giving you the option of seeing the completed puzzle.

So, the end-game will now work like this. . .

1. You complete the puzzle.

2. The game pops up a "submitting your score" box. Since there's now a "real" login process, there's no need to ask you for your name now. It'll just send in your score automatically.

3. After a second or two of score-submitting, the "submitting your score" box will be replaced with a display of buttons for the rest of the games. There'll be an indicator for the games you've played, but the buttons won't be disabled as they are now. The display will have a "close this popup panel" button that'll dismiss the panel if you choose.

4. If you dismiss the panel, you'll see your handiwork but you, obviously, won't be able to interact with it anymore.

The upshot is that you'll get a panel of buttons just as you do now, only without the "enter your name" step. If you want to move on to the next game, you can do so easily. If you want to look at the completed puzzle, you can do so. It's not like it's difficult to get to the rest of the games anyway, so giving you the ability to kill the "play these other games" panel isn't a real hassle.
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This is not really a comment on your recent post. I googled eller's maze algorithm and tripped over your blog from last Feb. Glad you liked my little maze generator. I developed it years ago back when computers were small and time was precious. It was intended to be zippy exactly for use in games so I am happy to see that it is getting use.

Marlin Eller

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