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Evil Steve


I've got a little sidetracked with a mini-project of mine. I'm currently reading through Game Scripting Mastery, so I've been itching to try some of the stuff out. So, I'm making yet another TA client (If you don't know what TA is, don't ask). This one will consist of:

  • An output window that can parse TA2 tags (Similar to telnet tags, but allows bold, underline, italic, strikeout, and any text colour)

  • An inout window

  • Lua scripting for pretty much everything

No options menu, not even a connect button. There's a /connect command, which can be overidden in the scripts to set a default host, but there's vert little in-client config stuff.

I'll probably end up adding a reasonable amount of stuff to let people set fonts, etc, however.

At the moment, it starts up, loads and runs autoexec.lua, and accepts /connect, /disconnect and /load. I've got about 5 or 6 commands all linked in that seem to work nicely for communication between the client and the script,and I want to add support for a few more commands, and then look at doing some fancy stuff.

By fancy stuff I mean:

  • Basic GUI support - So scripts can create windows and controls, and do some basic stuff with them

  • Socket code - So scripts can make HTTP / FTP requests. I might make a wrapper around HTTP requests, since they're probably going to be quite useful (Like

  • DLL Loading and function calling code - This is a little dubious, since calling functions from DLLs is transitioning from script code to "real" code, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing. On the plus side, it'll allow me to add more stuff to the client pretty easily. Although it'll be open source anyway, so I'm not sure if this is so useful after all...

I'm documenting all the client <-> script functions as I go, so I know what they're supposed to do, which makes it easier to test. It also means other people won't bitch quite as much about not knowing what commands there are.

I compiled Lua with the basic Lua code, the math and string libs (And libLua, because they both require it), so I shouldn't need any extra math / string functions to do stuff. Although I expect that I'll be adding a few string functions for convenience, since it's a text based client and the scripts will be doing a lot of text manipulation.

Anyway, this is just a slight distraction from TEH MMORPG!!1. I still have every intention of finishing it (Just now, anyway [smile]) I've been working on it for 6 months, while I've been working effectively 60 hours a week as a game developer, so I think it's going pretty well in the determination department so far.

Hnng, it's 1:30am. I really should get some sleep. Especially since I appear to be comming down with some cold/flu thing. Joy.
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