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Grah, feature creep.

The past couple days I've been feeling too lazy to do any work on Hiatus, which I attribute to feature creep. The project was originally planned to be a simple shooter (akin to one I did about 4 years ago), but has since grown (in plan) to be too much. Like. With different maps and levels with enemies spawning in a certain sequence and boss enemies and zomg waaay too much for little mushu to handle.

What I'm going to do is cut it off. I'm going to add the score counter, and with it a current "level" which determines the types and distribution of enemies you get. Then throw in a health bar, maybe add the shield gameplay element (the right mouse button) and maybe add the scrolling clouds on top of the trees.

Oh, and of course, then hook in the config file to make it all quasi-dynamic (which is really really really easy to do).

So yeah. A crappy finished product is better than a 'could have been cool' unfinished mess.
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