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I'm finally back

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It's been a while since I wrote an update. I finally have internet access since moving into the president's mansion on campus here, with a shiny new 3 megabit connection (I realize the rest of the world snickers at this. Stop snickering and get me a 10 megabit connection). I really didn't have a lot to do programming wise. I was just working on random sprite projects, when BAM, XNA comes along. Out of curiosity I downloaded the beta, and was blown away by how awesome it is. Seriously, the component system is awesome, and I've been waiting for an excuse to use more C#.

I'm going to be totally trying out this platform, and maybe making some games instead of inventing wheels. I finally dropped that old way of thinking. I couldn't stand not to make everything myself, but I've realized that I always failed to make it well because I didn't really know how it should work. With XNA, I can take other people's components and easily integrate them, so my old excuse of having to learn someone else's unintuitive system won't work anymore.
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