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Har har

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The answer is: Of course not!

As AP pointed out, I'm incapable of love.

So, uhh, I was looking for the code to "smiley": [bawling] on the forum FAQ and I saw the [inlove] smiley there that I hadn't seen before.
I couldn't find anywhere appropriate to post that, so I journal'ed it.

hardy hur
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I just use the GDNet extension for FF. It allows me to paste in smilies with ease! Observe:


Man, that was so easy!

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There's something about the sick smiley [sick] that's always disturbed me (much more than disturbed [disturbed]).

[evil] Evil is good.

And what the heck is the pig smiley [pig] for? [headshake] [help]

Plus I think we should be seeing this smiley a lot more often:


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