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Rough Draft of the Story of Spherion Complete

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I have completed the story for Spherion and everything is going really well. I've got some great quests planned and some very chaotic moments in the story that I hope plays out well in the production of the game. There is one shocker that may just lead you to believe that will be completely doomed, but rest assured, you'll be okay, otherwise the game wouldn't be much of a game.

Overall, the story pieced together very nicely and in the coming days I will be going through it one last time for editing/detail purposes. Once that is completed, I will write up the main design document for the game and plan exactly how I want to code up the engine and lay out all of the quests/items/NPC's/etc and also the timeline to completion. That should be fun.

The good thing is that I will be working in DirectX, so I am willing to submit to a longer development period because of that. If this were to be developed in SDL or Allegro, I would be pretty set on ending at a specific date, but since I will be learning something I NEED to know after college, I will be trying to make this game as solid as I can.

In other news. My local programming buddy here in town has kept pounding me with software project ideas that could really be helpfull in the developers eyes. Damn, I wish I never had to sleep because I would jump on some of these ideas in a heartbeat. Nothing incredibly complex, just time consuming. Bah! :|

Anyway, I'm off to find something to eat. Muh hungry!

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