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This Is Why I Don't Do Deadlines

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Today was mostly working on re-writing my A* algorithms. Optimization really. But the sad thing is, It's probably going to take longer than I originally thought to get it working. I've got a bit done (and I actually got the pathfinder working again,) but sadly, there's more to it than just finding a path from point A to point B.

For starters, I need to optimize. This means primarily one thing; I need to be able to stretch pathfinding over multiple cycles. If I do everything at once, I occasionally get a "hiccup", usually when the pathfinder searches a map for a spot it can't get to. Also when calculating paths over long distances. Reducing my map sizes is one option, and I intend to do that, but I'm also looking for other ways to minimize how much juice the damned thing burns. Mind you, if I ever got it compact enough, I wouldn't have to worry about stretching it over multiple cycles.

I need several things before I can even try tweaking the rules of the game beyond a very conceptual level, and a good pathfinder is one of them. So, until I can really get a grip of this stupid thing and work out how to get it to function how I need it to, don't hold your breath for anything fancy.

Still, I got work done. I'm getting better.
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Did you change your avatar to a HEXAGON?

HEXAGONS are trying to take over the WORLD.

The only way to stop a HEXAGON is to IMPRISON it within a GAME.

The more HEXAGONS you IMPRISON within your GAME the better the WORLD will be!


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