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Core 2 Duo iMac

Fuck. Now my new laptop is going to be outdated and it's barely even a month old.

Internet: The Sequeling

I've been working more on Glow. The first level is done, with the plot-heavy second level and combat-oriented third level on the way. After that, it's time to sit down, write the plot, tighten up the graphics, and release.

I'll probably do a subdued release on GDNet and on my website to figure out what patches I need to do before full-scale consumer assault.

Then I'm probably going to waddle around my first week of school and find something else to work on. Whee!

Some quick statistics on Glow:
Development Time: 5 months
Development Cost: If you count caffeine and food, a lot.
Stuff I learned: Complex state management, GLSL shading, commercial-style game polish, interesting 2D industrial design, release builds, incremental testing and release, how to abandon a three month project without feeling guilty about it.
Lines of code: At last check, over 52 000 in the main game component, with an additional 60 000 from Propane Injector.
Hidden games: Afteroids
Hidden features: I'll leave that to you to figure out.

I'll be working on the credits file some too, so I'll be going through the journal comments since the project started and Special Thanking everyone I can get my hands on. That's right -- even you.

What's next?

I already told you. Look at yesterday's post.

No, really, what's next? I want screenshot.

Okay, okay. I'll be going back and fixing up Propane Injector to be more scalable and robust, with a nicer API (more namespacing). After that, I'm going to start building a multithreaded game engine atop PI that will finally offer front-end professional polish (resolution pickers, networking, automatic update features). I'll be using model-view-controller for this app.

I also want to create a materials system so I don't have to do so much work in the rendering thread -- this way I can apply a cubemap material to a giant robot, and a shader to an invisible killer robot.

I'd also like to hook up a decent implementation of the scripting engine -- Freezer 2 didn't use SHilScript to its full potential, and Glow didn't use it at all! I'd like to have scripting controlled cinema scenes (with camera control, wavy things, etc, etc).

But no screenshot.

We'll see what (if any) of these things I do.

These Propane Injector docs suck! YOU SUCK! PHONY!

Well, yes, if you live in Windows land, they do suck. I want to do some HOWTOs for popular Windows IDEs -- I was thinking of doing one for VS2005 and one for Dev-C++, but if you have something waaaaacky and obscure* that you'd like me to HOWTO, I can always try it.

* I fucking hate VS2003 so don't even try it okay
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Sure, I can try that, but it'll probably be mostly the same as Dev-C++ (I think Code::Blocks uses gcc).

Your English is better than some native speakers I've seen. [smile]

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Original post by Ravuya

Core 2 Duo iMac

Fuck. Now my new laptop is going to be outdated and it's barely even a month old.

I'm tempted to upgrade my laptop with a Core Duo to a merom chip at some point, apparently it only requires a BIOS update. But I suspect it would void the warranty, and i'm not that comfortable with hardware (especially in a laptop) - but maybe in a year or two i'll change my mind.

Though in your case it looks like it would be much more difficult.

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