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Blame teh intarnets

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Prinz Eugn


Well, it's been a very long time, mainly because our local ISP broke the system of tubes that comprises the internet in our area, but that doesn't mean I didn't get some work done.

New Weapons

My theory that it would be easier to get work done on the weapons if I drew out a basic line drawing version of each one has proven somewhat correct, in that I can now look through my "Angels 22 Work" folder and jump right in on something instead of going "What do I need to work on? I don't remember... I'm tired, I need a Mountain Dew... and a pizza... and a girlfriend" -eventually getting too distracted and disheartened to work. So anyway, let's get in there and see what's new:

"Once it goes on, it doesn't come off"

Larger version:

Totally american, but not completely wholesome, Napa-er- Incergel is the ultimate solution to your light target needs, sticking to the target and inflicting lingering damage.

"For a smooth, even spread"

Larger version:

Lots of enemies and not enough time? Well, due to the miracle of modern miniturization, many tiny bombs can now be fitted inside one larger one, saving you time by spreading exposive over a large area, making it great for large groups of light targets.

Mulciber 2
"For those really hard spots"

Larger version:

When your internal cannon just isn't cutting it for hard targets, consider using the new, improved Mulciber 2, now with the option of animal-friendly Tungsten Ammunition, or the somewhat ethically dubious Depleted-Uranium rounds(go for, it's not like you're not going to shoot them later anyway!).

"When quick just isn't fast enough"

Larger version:

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where 2,000 Rounds per Minute isn't enough? Well in times when a quick go-over is all you can spare, give the M61D a try. As a bonus, aiming becomes a thing of the past, an approximation is all you need!

I'll save(or spare you) the rest for the next entry, for now let's move on;

Old Ships

In Angels 20, the first couple of missions were comprised of 'convoy' intercepts on the high seas, where you had to destroy flak placed on barges, and destroy larger ships, both armed and unarmed.

Well, in Aangels 22, the ships are going to return, and one in particular is going to be the first Boss of the game, but they should be more exciting thanks to Sir Sapo's greater skill with visual effects.

Ok, to top off today's wierdly written long-delayed entry, here they are:

Good Night!
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Whoa - it all looks really really awesome.

I hope you guys win 4E5, you really deserve it :3

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