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Oh the drudgery!

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Looking back on when I was at school, I used to be so much brighter than I am now. Even at uni, I was more energetic and variable than I currently find myself. Perhaps, it is the life sapping nature of work that is affecting me in this way. Or maybe, it is that I am getting older, or my diet, or exercise habits. Whatever it is, it's been significant enough to change me from a quick minded, academically above average individual, into a slow minded dim-wit.

I always seem to have to fight with myself and push to get "back to work", and seem to be going off on non-work related tangents (this being one of them) a lot more during work hours. Have I simply lost interest in programming? Or is it something more than that? All I know is that I can't seem to muster the concentration required to do any kind of programming, either for work, or for games.
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