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Jam Packed

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Wow, this past holiday weekend was a real hoot! It all started off friday night when I was invited to go out to dinner with my parents along with one of my father's friends from work and his wife. Me being the type of person who would never turn down a chance for a free steak meal I eagerly accepted their offer and joined them. After we got seated and served our drinks my father and his friend got to talking about the car show they were going to go to that Saturday. Since I was never truely a diehard car fanatic I had totaly forgoten all about it until then. My brother is the guy that is more into those sort of things and is usually the one who goes with them to these shows. But he wouldn't be able to make it this year because he was already going to be bussy moving into his new apartment with his girlfriend that day. This meant that there was going to be an extra seat open and up for grabs. I don't know if it was a personal quick change of character or the Texas sized margarita talking but I asked if I could go in his place. Almost at once everyone at the table stopped eating or drinking and stared at me. I justified it to them as that I needed a much needed break from work and that I needed to start walking on my leg again because of my surgery. You can say there was a lot of giggling after I tried to explain myself. Well they said that I could go if I really wanted to. I was told I had to be up by 5:00 am to be ready to go and I agreed to it. Yup, it was the margarita making the decisions here. Good thing too being such the night owl that I am if it wasn't for that drink I would have never been able to synchronize my schedule to be up that early and make it through the whole day. All in all the Auburn car show and auction was worth every bit of pain from walking all day and putting up with my father and his band of goofy friends. In the end I do not know if it was the show itself or the ride in the van there and back that was the most fun. Will all my father's friends from work in that van it was a total gut busting laugh riot for the 4 hours we were driving. I really enjoyed the whole experience and believe I would go again given the chance. I got a lot of pictures from that day that I still need to sort through but I have included some below. Over the next day I got in touch with some old friends that I haven't heard from in forever through one of those social networking sites. We ended up all getting together on Monday for a cookout and a couple of beers. It was amazing how we all just picked right back up just like we never lost contact even after not seeing each other for over 7 years. I forgot about my camera that day but several other people were taking pictures that hopefully I can get a copy or two from.

Our driver for the day:

Me on a Segway:

My father and myself:

Corman's best of show:
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Are those open-toed sandals while you are wearing khakis?! Amazing! I could tell thats how you would be man!

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