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Mike Bossy


Bunch of random stuff today.

1. Got around to submitting Tiki Lounge Blackjack for the IGF. Not sure what to expect but any kind of PR from entering will be worth the entrance fee. I'm hoping there may be some casual game publisher types on the judging panel at the very least who will get a look at the game.

2. I've decided to adjust the ordering of my current goals. In the corporate world this would be termed "Using your agility to adjust to real world changes". Since I'm a one man operation agility is not really a problem.

Basically I've realized that there is more work than I anticipated in balancing my levels. As such I've decided that before I move onto the pitch stage for the game I want to finish up the layout and balancing of all 52 levels. That way if and when I find a publisher I can concentrate on their requests as quickly as possible without sacrificing the level work. In the end this means moving the pitch date out by 6 weeks or so. I'm not too worried about the change.

3. I'm a regular blood donor. There are many perks to this, mostly involving cookies. You also get a good read on some basic health stuff like resting pulse and blood pressure that they measure each time. I was searching through my wallet for something and a couple old blood donor cards fell out. Before throwing them out I checked out the trend on my pulse and blood pressure and noticed a steady rise in both. As such I've started working on my general fitness before I turn old and decrepid. I am definitely not fat, but weight isn't always the best measurement of your overall health. I've started a light running routine to try and kick my cardio health back into shape. At the very least it'll help me stay a little more competitive in my rec hockey league.
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Oh man... I could only dream of being able to submit a project to the IGF. Perhaps I'll make it my goal to develop Spherion within a 1 year timeline to enter it into the IGF Student Showcase... Ha-ha. :) Can't hurt to dream, eh?

I wish you the best of luck. Your game definitely has some unique flavor and I will be highly anticipating hearing how well it did in the contest.


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