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Functions Born Out Of Wedlock

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Decent day of work today. I've come up with a.. solution.. to my pathfinding problem. It's a little odd, and actually may result in a slight changes to Kingstone's final gameplay. It's interesting how designs change and evolve and such. Long story short, my pathfinder isn't really A* anymore, it's more of a bastardized version of Dijkstra's algorithm crossed with my old A* code. Haven't actually got it to work right yet, but it's coming along decently. I'll probably be able to finish it up tomorrow. I need to get a playable version of Kingstone up and running as soon as possible (without sacrificing too much quality of course) in an attempt to dispel the "vaporware" aura that seems to be slowly engulfing it.

Not much else to say. Have a good day, Gamedevs.
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No, Dijkstra's algorithm is best-first-search. Basically, A* without the heuristic. At least, to my knowledge.

Edit: Oh, my bad(again,) Dijkstra's algorithm is NOT best-first-search. They're two different algorithms.

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A heuristic can still be applied to it. In fact, that's what I did. But it's still A*.

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Oh, actually, come to think of it, I think this is the fault of me using bad grammar. What I meant was:

My new pathfinder is (a bastardized version of Dijkstra's algorithm) crossed with (my old A* code).

But it came across as:

My new pathfinder is a bastardized version of (Dijkstra's algorithm crossed with my old A* code)

I guess if I were to rephrase it I'd write:

My new pathfinder is my old A* code crossed with a bastardized version of Dijkstra's algorithm.

Aside; Technically I don't think A* is A* unless it makes use of a heuristic. Dijkstra's algorithm with a heuristic is A*, but Dijkstra's algorithm without a heuristic isn't A*. I think a heuristic turns Dijkstra's algorithm into A*. And come to think of it, is that "a heuristic", or "an heuristic"?

Bah, semantics and grammar. Anyway, my bad.

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