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Those of you looking for a piece of cheap, haxtorable electronics (like me) will be interested to hear that Overstock has a six-pack of JuiceBox players for $26USD (that's $4.33 apiece).

An outstanding deal, considering it runs uClinux and has a semi-active community around it building stuff for it. It also plays MP3s off of MMC cards, which is a hell of a deal.

And if you have six, well, it's just easier to replace it when you kill it with crappy solder.
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Surely not. Mattel is bleeding money, and some guy on Make managed to get this deal (that's where I heard about it from).

DO IT. Overstock has great deals.

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JH, it runs Linux internally, so it's really like a super cheap version of the GP2X, if you want to screw around with the time required to hack on it.

Some people have turned theirs into digital picture frames, MMC readers, and other stuff.

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