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We played Anime/Hentai scrabble tonight (where every word had to have something to do with Anime/Hentai - was interesting) and at one point, got into a heated debate with a cute chick over Square's romanization of the sound chocobos make in FF9. She insisted that it was spelled "Qweh", whereas I thought it was "Kweh". (It mattered because they were trying to play off a 'q', which is worth a whopping 10 points).

Now, I love FF9. Fuck, I lost my virginity to FF9. I cannot let something like this go, especially when -

Uh huh. That's right. KWEH BABY.

I should have made a bet with her on it. Hur hur, could have scored a quick fi dolla :)
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I guess FF9 is really a lovergirl since my first time was with this beatiful chick too. Man, how cool were those Chocobo treasurehunts. Awawawawawesome1!!!1!

By the way, I've developed a Weather fetching application for the Nintendo DS. It's pretty popular in the scene hehe. Google 'DSLiveWeather'.

Much love,
- Popo.

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I usually dislike chocobo-based minigames, but I did have lots of fun with Hot and Cold. I was all like "just need another second to dig this up OMG!"

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