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PhatRags.com has a "limited time offer" of "buy 3 get 1 free." So, you should all head over there and buy some awesome shirts.

I got my console system all hooked in to my engine, now I just need to give it access to some variables and add variable parsing and I'll be all set. I've already got function parsing setup and some of the functions plugged in.

I also got scripting redone, hopefully for the last time in this project. I got some of the basic engine functionality hooked into it as well, including the console.

I'm going to an employment group tomorrow, so hopefully I can get setup with a job and then I can move out.

I really haven't gotten much done today, I spent more time working out than anything. I need to start getting things done or I'm going to have a serious case of vaporware on my hands (ok, so I already do.)

Work tomorrow is going to be super easy. We've only have three jobs to do, one of which will take less than 5 minutes and the other two will take about an hour each. Usually we have about eight or nine jobs and about five of them take about an hour to an hour and a half. It means less money in my next check, but I can deal with that (hell, I have 90 extra dollars.)

Anyway, off to cook myself some food and then it's time for bed.
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