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Imperialists chew up entire platoon of zombies

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Film... at 11


You mean your gore looks a lot like a game

Other progress

I've been working on slickifying the visible weapon textures and some of the pickup item textures. I'm also working on making everything more deadly and awesome.

I've also been working on conversations, which will give me a chance to tie a strange, yet predictable tale of corporate welfare and the vagaries of biomedical ethics into a guns-blazing deathmatch. It's kind of surprising how much of the plot comes from a game I designed when I was very young about the same general format (albeit much more technological than modern and zombie-filled).

Reflections on Glow II

If I ever make a sequel ("Afterglow," let's call it) I want to add implants to let the player have more choice in how his character is formed. Right now, the only big difference is if you tank the giant zombies, or if you crank up your dexterity and circle strafe them while firing shotgun rounds into their tasty, tasty bowels.

So here are some ideas I had:
  • Active Defense - When equipped, incoming bullets are identified with a glowing yellow arc, which you must click on to intercept the incoming bullet with one of your own. Initially the arc is very small, but as you upgrade the software/implant, the arc becomes larger so soon you're shooting down missiles, flying grenades and toaster ovens with impunity.
  • Echolocation - See dim, quivering outlines of characters that are offscreen so you can aim more accurately and brutally. This might not be so effective if I ditch the heads-up perspective, which I want to. Upgraded versions fill in the quivering outlines, and resolve them with more accuracy, as well as providing limited target information (health, range, AI status).
  • Stimshot - Slows down your perception of reality and provides auto-lock aiming so all you have to do is click the mouse a bunch of times and watch your enemies fall in mass quantity. Upgrades extend the clicking-time and number of simultaneous targets.
  • Orbital Sniper - Pan around the map using the mouse to get a better idea of what's ahead. As a bonus, allows you to shoot your weapons while in that view, thus turning it into a complex sniper mode.

Besides implants, I also want to extend the depth of the experience by providing minimum levels for some weapons, thus closing off entire avenues of weaponry to different players as they make choices. Will you upgrade your intelligence so you can use Tesla weapons, or will you spend the cash on strength so you can fight hand to hand more efficiently and with progressively more brutal melee implements?

One thing I wanted to add to Glow, but never got a chance to, is thermoptic camo. It'd be a throwaway item that makes you temporarily invisible while you sneak past giant zombies and steal their ph4t lewt.

I also threw away upgradable weapons to make my inventory management easier; I'd sure like that back. I'd also like to provide items to add laser sights to your guns (for coolness) and dual-wield weapons of all kinds for maximum firepower.

So yeah, just a bit of drooling from my design pages. I don't think I'll ever actually build it exactly like that. So ignore it.
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