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Crank officially wins the award for Most Awesomest Title Screen Ever.

(The rest was pretty damn good, too. "What, do you think I have **** written on my forehead? *ding!*" Pure gold.)
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OMG! You actually wrote an entry that was shorter than a page!!!

Edit: Nevermind.

The previews for Crank looked pretty awesome, so I guess I HAVE to go check it out now.

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The TV previews looked absolutely abysmal, but the ones on IMDB and the trailer on the Apple site look pretty good. I might go see it on your recommendation.

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Do it. It's got style by the truckload. There's so many subtle little things sprinkled in that it's often almost hard to follow the action because you're so busy being amused by all the tiny little details.

The camera work is pretty good, but the effects are really what sells it. The pacing is superb and meshes with the effects masterfully, especially at a couple of critical points. The plot has a couple of nice twists; nothing you can't figure out if you haven't been drinking all night, but a refreshing departure from the usual Hollywood "hero gets challenge/hero conquers challenge/hero gets laid/roll credits" pablum.

In fact, Crank challenges convention pretty heavily in several areas.

If you at all enjoyed Boondock Saints or the tongue-in-cheek, self-referential sarcasm of Thank You for Smoking, this is one to see for sure.

Now someone get me some holy water or something, I'm channeling a fuckin' movie critic.

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