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Victory is mine! ... Sort of.

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Editor's note: due to the GDNet server being a $&*#ing asshole and dropping this post four damn times, it's quite a bit shorter than the original version. We'll return you to your regularly scheduled uber-long posts some other day. Yes, I feel stupid for losing it that many times and still not thinking to copy/paste it into Notepad before trying to submit it. Shut the hell up.

The ribbon connectors came today; they're a bit disappointing as the leads are barely longer than the ones on the ribbon itself. The only plus side is I can bend the pins around to isolate ones that I want to muck around with.

In double-checking the pinouts, I discovered that there are in fact two parallel pins which both provide the 8V supply to the inverter; I'd missed this before since they both return over the same ground pin. After connecting things up correctly, the panel is now powered and functional.

It's a bit of a hack job at the moment, but it works; the signal decoder and backlight are both operational, giving me a nice... solid black screen.

The real problem is, the composite video jack isn't due in until Monday. That means I have to suffer through an entire weekend knowing that I've got a working LCD, but with no way to actually display stuff on it.

So it has been a day of victory... but, alas, a Pyrrhic victory.
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Exciting to hear that the LCD is powering up. Been waiting to see if it even worked after all you have gone trough to use it. Keep me informed. [grin]

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