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Will F


I had been planning on playing around with the particle system and trying geomipmapping for my terrain, but I ended up buying Disgaea 2 and have lost a lot of my productivity. I don't know why I keep buying Nippon Ichi games - they're too much of a timesink, but they really appeal to my obsessive compulsive side.

I was also digging around some old files and found a screenshot of my first game. So for nostalgic reasons here it is.

All I have to say is that programming for classic Mac OS was a pain in the ass - IIRC that game wasn't even written with the Carbon API.

I've also been watching the Battlestar Galactica "webisodes". The acting is a bit uneven, but it's a fun way to lead into season 3.
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Oh, OS 8 development. I remember you well.

I kind of wish I hadn't.

Did you use spriteworld?

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Yeah I used SpriteWorld. Just checked and the source code for that game is available on the SpriteWorld web site - i'm really hesitant to look at it as I wrote that a long time ago and bet the code is hideously ugly. It's also stuck at version 0.9, apparently I never got around to finishing it up for a 1.0 release.

I also wrote a Super Metroid clone using SpriteWorld, which I lost the source code to - one of my first lessons in the importance of regularly backing up your data. It's a shame as it was actually turning out to be pretty good.

I wonder what happened with SpriteWorld, last I remember someone was trying to port it to SDL. But I don't really have the motivation to look into it.

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I had used it back in the day for ... something (I think it was a Rogue clone).

I think I was mostly handicapped by the lack of affordable compiler-y goodness.

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